“I have had the pleasure of working with Earthstar, both for guidance with specific areas of my life, as well as her creating a beautiful broom, made from nature materials, to use in my own spiritual practice. Patricia has always been readily available to assist me, with whatever is plaguing me at the moment. Her connection with spirit energies, and nature energies is a wonderful collaboration to assist you on your journey, regardless of where you may be. I highly recommend Patricia as an intuitive, as a channel for healing energy, and as a resource with planet medicine.”

Anne F.



“I have worked with Patricia in the past and present. I find her work is beyond a normal reading. I have been pleased with her work and will continue to use her services in the future as time permits. She can also elaborate on what is going on in the physical body. Her tone is pleasant and well diverse in what she does. Some things mentioned can be current or in the near future. She is pretty on point.”




“As a person who works in the same industry serving others, I am quite picky about how I trust in regard to a clear view of my challenges or areas wherein I, at times, feel stuck. Patricia is my “go to” reader. She is always clear, concise and on point with her insights and direction. She has a very clear connection to all things spirit and can read into my heart and soul. Helping me to navigate in a way to lead me to my highest good and for living my best life. I know that nothing but the highest frequency and clarity is coming through her in her divinations at all times.

She is also my “go to” person for crafting any magical tools or items I am in need of. To me, it is important to have someone who is not only artistically talented (and believe me, she IS) but one who can connect with the essence and energy of the magic itself. I have had besoms created for myself and as gifts, wands and amulets. I won’t seek anyone else for this very sacred and important work.”




“It is pleasure to be able to do something for Patricia Spanedda, as she has been a saving grace for me for over a year now. I have been a client of Patricia’s on a monthly basis since March of 2011. Patricia was the catalyst that lead me to a spiritual way of living. It was in March of 2011 that a true miracle happened because of Patricia. Patricia’s ability to channel exactly what you need at any particular time is truly a miracle in my life. She has an amazing psychic ability and she is an extreme empath. Patricia nails it every time we speak. What I mean by that is her predictions are extremely accurate. Sometimes I even get goose bumps. I have had many personal experiences with many psychics and I have never had a long standing relationship with any them. Patricia’s eclectic abilities are invaluable to me. I would recommend her for this test any day of the week.

Melody Simmons



To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I provide this letter of recommendation to your organization for the benefit of Patricia Spanedda.

I have had the privilege of knowing and using Patricia’s psychic services for over a year. Patricia approaches her psychic gift with humility, empathy and respect for the impact her words can, and do, have on those she serves. Her abilities of accuracy are impeccable as is the manner with which she communicates the messages and images she receives. Patricia is genuinely gifted.

In your consideration of approving Patricia for certification, please know she brings the highest caliber of integrity to her profession through the right use of her gifts.

Debra A. Gamb