I consider every reading I do an honor and I thank you for your trust.

My purpose is doing my lightwork is not to predict your future but to help examine relevant issues, and assist you in making empowered, enlightened and energized choices so you may life joyfully and well.

The only reality is the present. The past and future effect but do not govern the present nor the outcome. All potential is possible and the future is fluid and changes based on our choices.

With the information I provide you in our work, you will be able to choose well, dance actively and live happily and wisely.

Having a reading with me is easy. Just click the button for the one you want and add it to the cart. I strive to do all readings within 2-3 days so please send me your phone number and I will call you to arrange a time asap. If you live in the continental United states or Canada, I will call you. International callers will need to call me. If you are not sure what type of reading you want, send me an email and we will see what might fit best.

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