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Because you will learn many interesting and unusual things , the likes of which may surprise you. I’m a curious sort and if you are too, well, then, please do read on.

As a writer I am prone to abstract expression, have a very unusual sense of humor and quite a lot to say. ?

I am a unique individual and my expansive educational, cultural, spiritual and scientific background has led me to unusual experiences and people. I have spent several decades travelling to different counties, countries and continents,learning all the way.

I come from an ancestral lineage in Sardinia where my elders who were seers and healers enjoyed a unique and close connection to nature. Ancestral and earth wisdom resonate deeply within my healing framework.

My soul’s expression is to assist in bringing a light to the darkness of confusion we all at times experience. It is my sincere desire for you to be free of fear and emotional restriction and to dance your way through life.

I will be writing about all this and more.

Please visit my blogs for detailed information on my art, readings, astrology, herbalism, wildcrafting, psychic abilities and a plethora of interesting thoughts. If you are interested in something on my site, how I work etc., just send me an email and I’ll write a blog for you.



DISCLAIMER: By using this site you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and are responsible for your own health.  All readings, art, and botanical discussions are for entertainment only.  I do not diagnose or prescribe anything for any situation....

Sacred Crafts

Sacred Crafts

In this blog, I will discuss spiritual and magical crafts. crafting tools Crafts are a form of artistry that is expressed differently in each individual. There is no set in stone rules for crafting that must be followed. Every person, culture, spiritual and /or...



The tarot cards are an ancient system of divination based on arcane symbols. Within them, we experience the journey of life and soul and encounter many variable experiences. If we are paying attention there is much invaluable wisdom to be gleaned from them. If we are...

All Things Herbal: Ruta Graveolens

All Things Herbal: Ruta Graveolens

All things Herbal In this blog we will learn about all things herbal, with a focus on magic and medicine. Let’s begin with one of my favorite herbs, Ruta Graveolens Rue (Ruta Graveolens) Planetary Affiliation: Sun Elements: Fire Gemstone: turquoise, opal, quartz,...