In this blog, I will discuss spiritual and magical crafts.

crafting tools

Crafts are a form of artistry that is expressed differently in each individual.

There is no set in stone rules for crafting that must be followed.

Every person, culture, spiritual and /or magical path will have their own way of crafting. In addition, the true craftsperson is unique in how they work with spiritual and emotional energies in their own way.

Crafts combine the intent of the craftsperson or practitioner

with the physical expression of creating something.

Crafting is a form of artistry and whilst anyone can participate in a craft, not everyone will be a crafter.

Crafting can be intentional, fun, spontaneous, serious, spiritual and simply sumptuous.

When I craft I work with healing energy. The sacred art I practice seeks to bring balance to an injured body, mind, soul or heart.

I studied for many years ad have practiced for many more.

Crafting takes dedication and expansive awareness of the existence of all the worlds around us and all the elements within it.

I hope you enjoy the journey.