The tarot cards are an ancient system of divination based on arcane symbols. Within them, we experience the journey of life and soul and encounter many variable experiences. If we are paying attention there is much invaluable wisdom to be gleaned from them.

If we are not paying attention we may have the same experience but we might miss valuable information that can assist us the next time we encounter a similar event.

The tarot is also a way of living and dancing through life.

The cards take us from birth to death and through many lifetimes.

Though the cards are numbered and there is a system for reading them, they tell us that life is anything but linear.

Life does not move ever forward or straight. The journey has many hills, mountains, obstacles, and challenges.

Life circles around and goes backward.

Experiences flow out in different directions even when we fight to hold control.

The cards show us possibilities for every situation and person. They assist us in regaining clarity and confidence and they ease the uncomfortable or sad situations that life is sure to bring.

There is no such thing as good or bad cards. There are light and shadow aspects to them just as there are in every experience in life and in every person.

In this blog, I will discuss the true nature of the tarot.

The tarot is not just a deck of cards, it is a way of living that is joyful grateful and positive, no matter where we walk.

The tarot speaks and to those who listen, magic will embrace.