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Within the woodlands you will find custom readings and art to help you enhance, empower and enlighten your life.


Take your time, wander around and expect the unexpected.


I live as I work, close to nature, away from cities and always continuing to learn. My years of experience have allowed me to connect to anyone, anywhere quickly.


My soul’s expression is to enhance, empower and enlighten others so they may live their live joyfully and in peace.

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I consider every reading I do an honor and I thank you for your trust.

My purpose is doing my lightwork is not to predict your future but to help examine relevant issues, and assist you in making empowered, enlightened and energized choices so you may life joyfully and well.   …More

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Within my store you will find a variety of esoteric readings and enchanting items. All of my work is customized, and no two readings or items can be duplicated. Considerable though, time and energy go into my pieces.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for custom items.

If you want something not shown contact me and I will craft if for you.

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Because you will learn many interesting and unusual things , the likes of which may surprise you. I’m a curious sort and if you are too, well, then, please do read on.

As a writer I am prone to abstract expression, have a very unusual sense of humor and quite a lot to say. ?    ….Read More

About Me

The Woodland Psychic

I’m a woodland land wanderer, wildcrafter and writer. I’ve always lived on the fringes of society, ensconced in the beauty of the wild woods.

I live as I work, in the quiet of the country far from the madding crowd. I grow medicinal and edible herbs and plants and create my own botanical tinctures, tonics and tantalizing treats.
All the ingredients in my sacred art collections are locally or ecologically sourced. I can be found close to earth, deep in the woods or dancing with fairies in moonlight.

I love literature, Lepidoptera and all things lunar. I have many friends and be they furred, finned, feathered or scaled, two legged, four legged or many legged, they teach me more about the ancient ways daily.

I am not a simple when or why reader. The work I do is best suited for serious seekers and those who wish to delve down to the roots of the issue. I am not going to predict your future.
I am going to work with you to enhance, empower and enlighten your life so you can live fully in joy. We can do this with readings, sacred art and botanical counsel.

I am a certified Life Coach, Herbalist, Spiritual Healer, Pet Communicator, Holistic Coach, Homeopath and Tarot consultant.

I am a member of the Tarot Association, a published and current author, teacher of metaphysics and an artist.

I hold University degrees in Anthropology, Creative Writing, World Religions and Theatre.


“I have worked with Patricia in the past and present. I find her work is beyond a normal reading. I have been pleased with her work and will continue to use her services in the future…”

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